Luxury Caravan For Hire @ Combe Haven site near Hastings, Sussex

L Vinten 27.02.2022 20:29

Hi I sent enquiry for 8th July for one week .Would like to book this with you

Sonya Phelvin 27.02.2022 21:22

Thank you. I just received it. I will look tomorrow and get back to you. Regards Sonya

Kelly thomas 05.10.2021 15:25

Hi do you have 18th October for 4 nights please

Sonya Phelvin 05.10.2021 15:49

No sorry. Look at our availability and prices page for all remaining holidays. Regards Sonya

Gemma Stevens 23.09.2021 17:30

Do you have any availability for tomorrow until Sunday please? We are already on site but really don’t want to end our holiday

Sonya Phelvin 23.09.2021 17:49

Hi Gemma. Yes £150. Regards Sonya

Gemma 23.09.2021 17:31

And if so how much?

Stephanie 28.06.2021 14:58

hi do you have availability for 27th to 30th August please?

Sonya Phelvin 28.06.2021 18:48

Hi Stephanie. Yes that holiday is available. Regards Sonya

Sam 13.06.2021 18:48

Do you have anything for mid August please

Sonya Phelvin 13.06.2021 18:58

Please check our availability and prices page. The middle of August is already fully booked. Regards Sonya

Copland 29.03.2021 20:41

Hi do u accept Pets

Sonya Phelvin 30.03.2021 06:20

No sorry. Regards Sonya

Heaven Robinson 29.03.2021 14:19

Hi, do you have 18th - 21st June available? Thanks

Sonya Phelvin 29.03.2021 20:24

I will email you a booking form

Heaven Robinson 29.03.2021 20:12

Hi Sonia, my email is thanks

Sonya Phelvin 29.03.2021 19:59

Yes £160. If you give me your email address I can send you a booking form. Regards Sonya

Maggie shaw 16.03.2021 10:57

Do you have any thing 4 April till 7

Sonya Phelvin 16.03.2021 11:33

Hi Maggie. The site does not open again until 12th April due to COVID restrictions. Regards Sonya

Kellie 19.07.2020 10:02

Hi do you have anything available for this week ? Either a week or a long weekend.

Sonya Phelvin 19.07.2020 10:10

We only have 20th - 24th available £400. Please use the contact page if you would like to book. Regards Sonya

emma snelgrove 28.06.2020 09:18

Hi what dates do you have available in August please. Thank you

Sonya Phelvin 28.06.2020 14:32

Hi Emma. Please click on the link, top left of the page (availability/prices). All remaining holidays are listed there. Thank you Sonya

Charlene 04.03.2020 12:08

Hi do you have a special off still available for the 23-27th of march? And is there a special offer for the 27th-30th (weekend) is entertainment pass included?

Sonya Phelvin 04.03.2020 12:15

Hi Charlene. Please send a message via our contacts page because I have a limited numbers of letters via this method and can't fully answer your question

Jason Bennett 03.03.2020 21:43

Do you have availability 3-6 July please ?

Sonya Phelvin 03.03.2020 23:21

That weekend is £250. Please look at our availability and prices link top left on our main website page. Regards Sonya

Gary Turrell 05.01.2020 10:47

Hello do u have any availability on sat 1st August for 7 nights, if not do u have anything similar a week before or a week after ?

Sonya Phelvin 05.01.2020 10:52

Hi Gary. Can do Friday 31 July to Friday 7 August for £750. Regards Sonya

Kerry Petrie 06.08.2019 11:30

Hello, what dates do you have available? Looking for a 3 night break, for myself and my service user.

Sonya Phelvin 06.08.2019 12:00

Hi Kerry. If you click on the availability/prices link on the top right hand side of the home page, all available holidays and prices are listed there. Thanks

bradley 16.05.2019 10:57

how much montly would u want ?

Sonya Phelvin 16.05.2019 11:06

Hi Bradley. This is a holiday home so we don't rent out on a monthly basis. Sorry. Regards Sonya

Laura Hickey 24.04.2019 17:32

Hi looking for a 2 night stay or 1 night from may 22nd fom that week onwards

Sonya Phelvin 24.04.2019 17:35

Hi Laura. We have a 3 night holiday available from Friday 24/5/19 for £350 if you are interested. Regards Sonya

Louise Thrower 14.04.2019 12:45

Hi Sonia is your caravan available 19-22nd april

Sonya Phelvin 14.04.2019 12:57

Hi Louise. Yes it is currently available for £350. If you would like to go ahead with a booking then please give me your email address. Thank you

Linda Harris 02.10.2018 17:40

We love this caravan, its spotlessly clean, and has everything you need for a self catering break. Love the decking and comfy chairs. Great quiet spot.

Sonya Phelvin 02.10.2018 17:50

Thank you so much for your kind words. We are so glad you love our caravan and hope that you and your family book with us again soon. Kind regards Sonya

Tracy Sinclair 06.09.2018 13:53

Hi how much for 24th-31st of aug next yr

Sonya Phelvin 15.09.2018 10:13

It is close to the Sports Bar but not to the main complex but only a 5 minute walk and yes it has a fridge freezer. Take a look at the photos and the site map

Tracy Sinclair 15.09.2018 09:40

Hi is it close to the club? And does it av a fridge/freezer x

Sonya Phelvin 15.09.2018 07:27

Hi Tracey. We can do Friday 23rd - Friday 30th August 2019 for £750.

Colin 04.09.2018 18:21

Stayed in the Caravan for a week in August, we had a fantastic week. The Caravan is in a lovely location on the park with the Veranda getting sun all evening.

Sonya Phelvin 15.09.2018 07:25

Thank you for your lovely comment. We are glad you enjoyed your stay.

Nina payne 23.08.2018 13:28

Hi I was just wondering how much you charge for a 4 night stay in Aug 2019?
Nina payne

Sonya Phelvin 23.08.2018 14:05

Hi Nina. We normally only do whole weeks during August but can split if necessary. A 4 night break will be £400. Regards Sonya

Aimee Howe 04.06.2018 11:50

Enjoyed for a perfect weekend away at your caravan this weekend, beautiful pitch very quiet with all the amenities you could wish. Can’t wait to rebook

Sonya Phelvin 04.06.2018 12:10

Hi Aimee. We are glad you had an enjoyable weekend and hope you decide to book again soon. Regards Sonya

Alan Perkins 09.04.2017 12:48

Absolutely great.I even found the bed more comfortable than my own! Everything was there. Great to have cleaning products and handwash! Like a hotel! Thanks

Nikki buckland 10.10.2016 10:54

Just spent the best weekend at this caravan. Lovely pitch and lovely touches such as cleaning products and tea and coffee. Could not recommend it highly enough.

Sonya Phelvin 10.10.2016 13:48

Thank you Nikki. We are glad you had a lovely time. Hope to hear from you again soon. Kind regards Sonya

Hannah Hunt 22.09.2016 18:13

stayed for a week in August, we had a fantastic week, everything you need is there, and so many little touches that made our stay comfortable, loved it thanks

Sonya Phelvin 24.09.2016 21:36

Thank you Hannah. We are glad you enjoyed your holiday. Kind regards Sonya

Sheila 12.08.2016 19:19

thank you for a fabulous holiday! Would highly recommend this beautiful caravan, spotlessly clean, well stocked with all we needed and in a peaceful location.

Sonya Phelvin 25.08.2016 19:45

Hi Sheila. I have just seen this message. Thank you so much and we hope you will consider us for your future holidays. Regards Sonya

David Chalmers 28.03.2016 19:13

Love the new van much nicer than I thought it would be,see you soon.

linda harris 01.01.2014 17:05

Hi Sonya and Lee, Happy New Year. We're looking forward to staying in your lovely caravan again sometime this year.

Linda and Paul

Sonya Phelvin 01.01.2014 18:52

Hi Linda. Happy New Year to you both too. We hope you like the changes that we are making. Regards Sonya

Emma may 22.03.2013 12:12

Me and my partner stayed last may. We had a lovely time. Lovely well kept great caravan x

Sonya Phelvin 22.03.2013 12:23

Thanks Emma. Glad you liked the caravan. We have added a few extras and new caprets since your last visit. Hope to see you again. Sonya xxx

Linda Harris 20.03.2013 19:52

This is a really lovely caravan, and Lee and Sonya are a pleasure to know, albeit through the internet and phone. Really looking forward to our next stay.

Sonya Phelvin 21.03.2013 20:24

Hi Linda. Thank you so much for the compliments. We look forward to having you stay with us again soon. Sonya xxx

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We stayed for 6 nights and the caravan is absolutely perfect! Very cl...

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We don't normally do 1 night. But we could do the Saturday for £1...

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How much for the one night 2nd to 3rd July?