SARAH Simmonds 21.05.2022 20:34


Sonya Phelvin 22.05.2022 08:22

Thank you. Kind regards Sonya

Linda Bignell 28.07.2020 07:39

Hi Sonya, only Linda here. Mum is hiring Janes caravan on 2nd Sept for a week. I don’t suppose you have that week do you?

Sonya Phelvin 28.07.2020 08:10

Hi Linda. Sorry that week is already booked. The nearest I have is Monday 31st August for 4 night's. Regards Sonya

Charlene 03.03.2020 22:37

Hi is the 20th march offer been taken?

Sonya Phelvin 03.03.2020 23:24

Hi Charlene. The 20th March weekend is still available. Regards Sonya

Kate 30.08.2019 08:39

Hi Sonia Do you have any half term dates left?
Can you drop me a email please
Kind regards Kate

Sonya Phelvin 30.08.2019 08:50

Hi Kate. Sorry it hasn't given me your email address. Please click on the availability and prices (top left home page) to see all remaining holidays. Regards

Toni 22.07.2019 11:12

Hi there do you offer any weekend breaks in august kind regards

Sonya Phelvin 22.07.2019 11:57

Hi Toni. We don't have any weekends left in August only a couple of mid-week ones. Please see the availability page for more details. Regards Sonya

Leigh Jenkinson 11.04.2019 18:23

After 19th -22nd for a family of 6

Sonya Phelvin 12.04.2019 07:44

The 20% discount is for off-peak holidays. Easter is peak time. The first off-peak available is in June, as above. Regards Sonya

Leigh Jenkinson 12.04.2019 06:57


Is the £350 with the 20% discount in the advert above for April?

Sonya Phelvin 11.04.2019 18:33

Hi Leigh. That weekend is available for £350. If you would like to book it please let me know your email address so I can send you a booking form.

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01.08 | 12:42

Thank you so much. Look forward to you booking again soon. Regards Sonya

01.08 | 12:40

We stayed for 6 nights and the caravan is absolutely perfect! Very cl...

22.06 | 19:44

We don't normally do 1 night. But we could do the Saturday for £1...

22.06 | 19:15

How much for the one night 2nd to 3rd July?